Intermezzo of my soul

” I saw you then…..I knew it then , we were to be something more ,

Days and months have passed , and treading this sea of life , we have almost reached the shore ,

I searched for you and I found you , You are the intermezzo of my soul,

Now even a minute without you leaves my heart with a burning hole . “

Welcome to my new blogspace. Inspired by Plato’s saying β€œ The beginning is the most important part of the work ” , I have composed my first verse hoping to write better ones in the future . There is no particular theme underlying the text above. Some random thought-beads pulled together to make a chain of words in a time span of 20 mins πŸ™‚ .

From my schooldays , I have always been motivated to try a hand at poetry but somehow , I never could get myself to compose metrically as opposed to composing essays at length which I feel I do very effortlessly.

Anyways , here’s to new beginnings and new blogs .

Cheers !!


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