The Last Good Day of the Year

I am incredibly happy right now. ‘Thoroughly refreshed’ infact, just the way one must ideally feel at the start of a new decade.

Having been roomies and great friends with Kotecha, Potnis and others of their ilk, I have been influenced by their infectious sense of travelling and adventure. Coupled with an intrinsic wanderlust from birth, I have turned into a travel aficionado of sorts. It’s been more than a year since I took off time exclusively for travel from the never-ending mire of internships, exams and applications-blah.  An excuse of celebrating the Last new year’s eve together as college-mates served as a catalyst to an already brewing thought process in my mind and lo! The plan to get our asses outta Nagpur took a firm shape with everyone [ Kotecha, Tyrant , Deng , Hara , Potnis , Deshmukh & Randy] jumping right in ( for they too like me were burdened with a new-found perpetual boredom induced by a heavily relaxed 8th sem schedule in the insti :). So, here we go :

30 Dec 2009

2100: Bus tickets purchased by Deshmukh and Randy.

2200: Taste freedom( oh, so sweet !!) on leaving the insti. Premises.

2300: Board the MP tourism Bus to Jabalpur.

31 Dec 2009 (The Last and the Longest  Good Day of the Year begins )

0000: Pee n Tea Break somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

0430: Reached Jabalpur, Auto to Bhedaghat.

0500: Not a single living soul, pitch darkness , a chilly moist breeze , 8 guys , a bottle of Rum and a shed.

0600: Status : Everyone alive, awake and merry thanks to the rum and some interesting exchange of words 🙂

0630: An annoyingly ‘hyperactive’ Kotecha threatens everyone ( who were sleeping and putting off getting up till the sun shone brightly ) with ‘dire perverse consequences’  and ‘SCARED and MORTIFIED ’ at his behavior, we all get up marching towards the Duandhar Waterfalls like an army out to invade a city promptly at the break of dawn.

0645: Eyes treated to a slowly brightening morning sky and majestic marble rocks sidelining a short yet amazingly beautiful waterfall and a consequent stream.

0730: An unpalatable breakfast at a resto. nearby followed by some of us choosing to take a dip into the very ‘inviting’ water of the stream and a few others out to answer the ‘sacred’ call of Mother nature in a manner closest to her that can be imagined.  While the former were left with a body-numbing experience and goosebumps galore on coming out of the water , the latter heroically survived a truly bowel-numbing experience on finishing their ‘business’ .

0815: ‘Fotu’-graphy sessions, poses , solo pics , group pics and not to forget pics of stray dogs, cute and adorable kids, weed-smoking ascetics all forming a part of Deng’s paraphernalia dominated this session.

0845: An exhausted lot-Us stop for a better tasting breakfast of jalebis, dosas and noodles.

0930: Walk uphill to reach ‘Chausatyogini’ Temple ( built 1155 AD ).Greeted by an intricately designed temple with statues of 64 yoginis circumscribing the inner sanctum of a temple adorned with Shiva-Lingam’s and Nandi’s .  Prayers are offered by the believers among us 🙂 while the rest soak in the cool and utterly pleasant breeze.

Chausatyogini Temple

1030: Walk down to the Magnum-Opus of Bhedaghat : the famed Marble Rocks and the lake around it. Site of the sensual ‘Raat ka Nasha’ song sequence by an overly bleached Kareena in the film’Asoka’ :  A 40Rs-50Mins breathtaking boat ride here justified every minute we had spent out here in Bhedaghat.  More ‘Fotu’-graphy and more awe….infact so enraptured were we that major embarrassment could be inflicted on us if someone were to take a picture of us staring openmouthed at these marvels of nature. The serenity of the surroundings temporarily dissolved all our tensions ( if any ) . The sight of an urchin fearlessly diving off a high rock into the water below only to be applauded  by awestruck onlookers like us and the interaction with a boatsman-cum-travel guide wonderfully explaining the history of the rocks in rhyming couplets will forever remain etched in our memory.

Marble Rocks

1200: Exhausted with being treated to so many wonderful sights in a few hours span, a declaration for a Grand lunch in a nearby resto. was announced.  So famished were we that even a strictly below-average plate of food given to us was devoured in no time.

1330: Long Lunch over . Time to leave 😦 .  Auto to return to Jabalpur.

1405: Partition of the group in halves at Jabalpur : While a plain and an uncomplicated ending awaited the ones returning to the ‘Orange City’ , the others were just about to embark on one of their most adventurous and challenging endeavors by heading off to a remote forest realm of Patalkot.

AARGHHHHHHHH……I don’t know if you have grown tired reading this , but I sure am tired writing now. I promise our experience in Patalkot will be penned down very soon but here’s the teaser for those looking forward to it :

All along the clock till then,

We were climbing the stairway to heaven;

Now, only time will tell,

If some of us will go downhill along the highway to HELL !!

Cheers and Wishing all the readers a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year !!

Count Grishnackh


6 thoughts on “The Last Good Day of the Year

  1. @ Hara: Thanks 🙂
    @ Tyrant: Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait for the Patalkot blog. One, because I am not in Nagpur for this week and second, I don’t wanna really recount the horrors of that eve :P. Btw, I could ask Kotecha( who recently returned from a self-proclaimed ‘goddamn amazing’ trip to Patalkot) to do a guest entry here!!Wotsay ?? 😀

  2. @ Sharan : Thanks again and congos for all your amazing achievements in 2009 :). Hoping you scale many more and higher peaks of success this new year 🙂

    @ Deng : Dude!!! You might as well sign off a comment with your cute, lil’ 4 letter nick-DENG rather than something grossly incoherent as ‘Hudddjjsjsnab’ :D.
    All said and done, WORDPRESS comments section sucks majorly and I appreciate your effort in posting your comment despite that :). Dunno if the Patalkot blog will ever take shape, but you can hope for a better one on my Chennai jaunt soon :).

    Cheers !!

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