Here I was, returning from a tight 2 day sojourn to Madras combining work and pleasure like I always do :P. But something felt different this time around.

Having been raised as a Tamil Brahmin in the grand city of Bombay with a rather infamous distinction of having visited my native state of Tamil Nadu only about thrice in my 21 years of existence and with an impaired knowledge of the Tamil language, such visits to Madras always raised the risk of arousing my curiosity in tracing back my roots. This is the dilemma I found myself in constantly this time around as I waded through a swarm of my Tamil brothers and sisters in Chennai Central station while imbuing the aroma of fresh filtered coffee and savoring the spicy Sambar rice minutes before I boarded my train back to Nagpur.

For the first time, I truly felt a lost connection with the Tamil way of life often wondering about so many things I saw around me in Madras which ideally should be very obvious to me. My good friends are aware about the special significance that Madras holds for me for it has always been the uncanny residence of my most cherished social priorities. By saying this offcourse, I am not in the slightest way undermining Bombay and all that it has given me. Bombay will always be my home but an odd feeling likened to that of a refugee (in a place that I had so long perceived as my home) has set in me which has helped me conclude that I need to trace back my roots, get in touch with my birth-culture , my true ethnicity. Especially considering my immediate future plans of pursuing higher studies abroad, I truly feel there couldn’t be a more appropriate time to reaffirm my roots before I spread my wings and fly off to a far away land.

Cheers !


5 thoughts on “Roots

  1. Hahaha!I knew it.I knew behind that metalhead talking about darkness,evil and other crap,there is a freak slurping on Idli Sambar while watching Rajnikanth flicks.It took you a little time to realize that.Anyway,better late than never.Go ahead.Do as your immediate future plans suggest you.Will help with your not-so-immediate future plans too:)

    cheers to the metalhead in the lungi!!


  2. @ Tyrant : Haha..!! Somehow, in this comment of yours, I see a strange tinge of retribution for a similar mocking comment I had made on your post detailing your return to Belagaavi, kunda and your leching at saree-clad nubiles 😀 . I concede for now knowing that every dog has his day and this might well be yours 😀 .
    Cheers !!

  3. My story. Thank God SOMEONE had the courage and insight to write it down. And with such lucidity. I feel like a…traveller who has entered a strangely familiar land, everytime I go to Madras. Something about it is home, something isn’t. But while I;m there, the curiosity lingers, and the wish to leave doesn’t.

  4. Remarkably verbose post there Count.
    Roots are weird things. And so are refuge homes apparently.
    These references to your social priorities. How I dig them 🙂

  5. @ Sharanya : Glad to know I am not the only BBCS [ Bombay-Born n Bred Confused Southie ] :D.

    @ Aggie : Verbose it definitely is :). The thing is I drafted this post almost a week back and initially, I was really charged and had something altogether different to write. Sadly, when I wanted to edit the draft today, I was just too lazy and published it as it is-half baked. Anyway, since you have pointed it out, I’ll edit and cut it short :P.

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