I, Ibn Battuta

Long Long time since I blogged- 2 whole months infact 😐 . I blame final-sem lethargy primarily for this and secondly the fact that I have been traveling way too much during this period. While the usual Chennai trips [for project wrk etc.] kept happening every 20 days, I managed to make a cursory visit back home and also a one-dayer in Hyderabad for a black metal gig [ returning hours before my GATE exam 🙂 ] . And lastly, the greatest trip ov all- GOA again with the best ov friends. In sum, I guess I have clocked a record 12300 kms by train travel. Had there been be a ‘miles’-collecting and redeeming system similar to the airlines even in our railways, I am sure I would have hit some jackpot :).

For those who don’t know, Ibn Battuta was a Moroccan traveller who travelled a staggering 75000 miles, way more than his nearest contemporary- Marco Polo. My assumption at me being a Ibn Battuta of sorts might be a little pretentious, I agree. Each of these trips have been characterised by a total carefreeness, traveling in a light and minimalistic way and absolutely no worries about anything at any place. I wonder if ever in the future, I would be able to travel in this manner because a natural fallout of added responsibilities ( in job, grad school etc. ) would be fewer holidays and loads of more work. Anyway, I have decided to put a temporary hold on my plans for other jaunts and decided to spend my last month in insti. ‘peacefully’ immersed in project work and senti-farewell parties :).

And now that I’m back , I promise I am here to stay in blogosphere for good :).


9 thoughts on “I, Ibn Battuta

  1. Wow!12,300 km is ginormous!!Yeah the usual Chennai trips[for project work,*etc* :P] have been a very frequent thing this sem!!And you’re right man,the farewell parties are gonna get really senti 😦 I was just going through our pics today and am already feeling nostalgic..The fact that we are all gonna depart on our own different ways in a month now is so hard to come to terms with..Anyway when you’re back now,stay back on the blogosphere and pull me back too..:)



  2. I say, have you heard that song from Ishqiya? Ibn Battuta? It’s based on his story =D

    Also, he was Moroccan? I thought he was Sri-Lankan! Anyway, great on the travel bit and — good luck for the future 😀 Happy Wandering!

  3. @Tyrant : Now that you are done with cracking all the exams and interviews (atleast most of them 🙂 ), I suggest you get back to blogging bigtime soon \m/
    @Sharan : Yes, I have heard of that song. Not a big fan of it considering Mika was one of the singers :). Wiki says he is Moroccan. And isn’t your break from blogging now getting way too long :P. Quick, get back 🙂

  4. Haha, I am back, actually, but on another blog — http://kaash.tumblr.com/
    It’s not your regular blog with updates etc, but it’s pretty…cozy 🙂

    And since you HAVE promised to start blogging again, you should keep your word 😀

    (I’m not a big fan of the song either, but the story is mighty interesting :D)

  5. Will you keep ur promise, will you?
    It’s really weird not having ANY of you guys around.
    Deng has done a runner. Sigh.
    Farewell, tears, bleh.


    Anyway, dude. We’ll miss you, man. Ah. But let me save that for later. 🙂 Let me come to Bombay, man. Ibn Battuta or Ibn No Battuta, we’re so going for a mini beer fest. 🙂


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