Twenty One

Finally 21, and legally able to do everything I’ve been doing since 18

I’m turning 21 and that’s a big step for me. Adulthood has now kicked in my door and its startling eyes are staring me right in the face. I can’t say exactly what it is that makes the 21st year radically different from the 20th year. Somehow, it just feels much older and wiser :P. I guess I have done a lot of maturing this year though, so in a way it makes some sense.

I got my first job (at Indian Oil Corp. Ltd.) in August this past year and I definitely didn’t expect it so soon. Thanks to an extended run of my very good luck , I received an admit for graduate studies from the University of Pennsylvania a week back. And though I am really not sure as to which school I would be attending post-VNIT, my dream of making it to an Ivy League school has finally come true. It is inevitable that I would be leaving my second home( VNIT ) in a few months time and bid goodbye to all that was familiar and dear to me for a long time.  So, while one part( the 20 year old :P) of me wishes not to leave the insti. and my best friends, another part( the budding 21 year  old) of me reminds me of the responsibility-ridden life in a new land ahead. A sad realization that this is the maximum carefree fun I am ever going to have in my life until probably in my old age post retirement :P.

Anyway, looking at the glass as half full rather than half empty, 21 ushers in a whole new range of things I can now enjoy. I am now ‘officially’ entitled to booze in most states of India and ( considering the party animal I am ) rock every pub in town :D. Not to forget the fact that I can now legally marry. All that’s missing however is a willing bride :P.

So, there I go. 20 turning 21. I thank my parents, God and my wonderful friends for everything I have today. Let’s hope the next 21 years are just as productive and wonderful as these 21 have been.

Cheers !!