Goodbye India

Not the best time to make a return to Blogosphere. Minutes before I leave home for the airport on my way to the USA for grad school.Hopefully a change in location and atmosphere will bring about a change in my attitude towards this blog too, which I confess has been one of utmost lethargy in the past 3-4 months post-VNIT.

I have been immensely lucky to have met every single dear friend of mine (insti, school and others) in this summer vacation. This post is a final goodbye  to Tyrant, Deng, Potnis, Kotecha, Sush, Nandy, Amit, Kiran, Suri, KP, Sharma etc. etc. etc. and offcourse my dear blogmates Suchi, Aggie, Sharan :).

The next time I post something, I promise it would be a well-constructed blog with the only difference being that I would be scripting it from the other side of the world 🙂 .

Cheers and \m/ forever